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Environmental responsibility at MEWA

Environmental protection and conservation of resources are two key pillars of our company principles. Our environmentally friendly production processes and careful treatment of materials, raw materials and natural resources all go above and beyond what legislation requires.

Twenty five years ago, we were the first company in our industry to be awarded the International Environmental Certificate in accordance with ISO 14001 and we continue to lead the way and set new standards.

Our recycling principle

Caring is Sharing. Sharing, repairing and reusing means that fewer resources are consumed in manufacturing, use and recycling. Our reusable rental service is based on environmental protection from beginning to end - from collecting our raw materials, manufacturing our wipes, right through to delivery to you.

A MEWA industrial wipe can be reused multiple times. Our reusable wipes prevent thousands of tonnes of industrial waste from being created each year, when compared to single use wipes.

For the transport and storage of our industrial wipes, we use durable reusable containers negating the need for wasteful packaging.

Sustainable production processes

Through continuous innovation and investment we use state of the art production processes to conserve resources and minimise waste. These include heat recovery systems, thermal utilisation of residual materials, wastewater treatment and raw material recycling.

These are just some of the things we do as part of our commitment to protecting the environment.

  • • We recover the oil and fat content from dirty cleaning wipes to power our washing and drying systems covering 80% of our energy requirements.
  • • Heat recovery from our washing and drying systems heats the water for our washing processes, saving several million litres of heating oil each year.
  • • By recycling our rinsing and washing water, water consumption is 50% lower compared to a conventional process.
  • • Our wastewater treatment achieves a 99.8% degree of purification.
  • • Precise dosing equipment and using biodegradable washing cleaners means up to 85% less environmental impact when compared with conventional processes.
  • • Cotton lint produced during the manufacturing of our wipes is turned into insulating material.

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