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MEWA re-usable cloths are so absorbent, you save up to 30% on cleaning times.
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Order a pack of three cleaning cloths for free and enjoy the MEWA quality. You save up to 30% on cleaning times compared to paper rolls. After trying them for free, you can visit our shop and choose the contract that suits the number of users at your company. If you have any problems, we will be glad to advise you personally.

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If your business employs three people or more, it pays to lease from MEWA.

Whilst you can scale your agreement to match your company’s size, our end-to-end service never changes.
First we collect your used cloths, leaving the same number of clean cloths in exchange. Then we wash your used cloths carefully, replace any that are worn out, and bring them back next time we call.

With MEWA full service on your team, you’re free to focus on what you do best.

30% more efficient: re-usable cleaning cloths

  • Our top quality re-usable cleaning cloths are not just eco-friendly, they’re business friendly too.
  • MEWA cloths are so absorbent, you save up to 30% on cleaning times compared to paper rolls. And unlike paper, they can be washed and re-used up to fifty times.
  • With MEWA re-usable wipes there’s nothing to purchase, stock or dispose of.
  • Best of all, you always have a fresh supply clean, top quality cloths to hand.
» Our employees appreciate the MEWATEX® wipes and prefer them to alternative paper cleaning cloths 100%. «
Herbert Hajek, Department manager print at agensketterl printing company

For mechanics, metalworkers and printers

Our MEWA factory in Immenhausen, Germany, weaves more than 100 million cloths a year. By keeping production in-house (and in Germany), we make sure each cloth meets our exacting standards – and yours.

The cloth for our MEWA wipes is particularly robust and durable. It’s woven from long fibres that are high in strength, and low in lint. That’s why MEWA cleaning cloths are so absorbent and robust – and why they stay in shape so well.

MEWA wipes come in three different grades, so it’s easy to find one that suits your needs perfectly.
  • Gentle: for sensitive surfaces
  • Robust: traps even metal swarf
  • Ultra-absorbent: for oil, paint/ink and solvents

The eco-friendly alternative

MEWA wipes are the eco-friendly alternative to disposable products. They can be washed and re-used up to 50 times. We even recycle the cotton lint from the weaving process as insulation for use in automotive applications!

Our carefully controlled washing plant protects the environment and makes good use of precious natural resources. We filter 99.8% of pollutants out of waste water before it leaves our plant.

MEWA has been ISO 14001 (International Environmental Certificate) certified since 1997. In Germany, we were named a Top Three sustainable supplier by the German Sustainablity Foundation.
» It gives us advantages in quality, and price and – what's essential for us – in the minimal environmental burden. «
Juan José Bilbao, Tyre manufacturing Bridgestone Hispania, General Director

How it works

01. Choose your product

Choose from three different cloths and one oil trapping mat.

02. Choose your contract

Choose the contract that suits the number of users at your company.

03. Get your products on time

We collect, wash and deliver on time and as agreed.

04. Manage your products

See your contract, invoices and deliveries at a glance.
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