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Application notes

Our cleaning cloths must be kept free of tools and waste items, as well as free of oxygen-releasing substances, explosive substances and substances that are prohibited according to the respective EU directives for hazardous substances (e.g. polychlorinated biphenyls/ polychlorinated triphenyls [PCB/PCT], asbestos or carcinogenic or highly toxic substances). The customer shall be liable for all damage caused to MEWA and/or third parties by this and/or by foreign parts/ foreign substances remaining in the textiles. An exact list of prohibited substances which may not be taken up by our putter breeders MEWATEX, MEWATEX Plus and MEWATEX Ultra can be found in the following overview.
  • Adhesives (Locktide)
  • varnishes
  • sealants
  • silicones
  • glass fibres
  • soot
  • Hardening materials (putty, concrete, casting compound)
  • Liquid screw locks
  • tar, bitumen, cement
  • graphite
  • resins
  • Wood preservatives / Impregnations
  • Strong acids & alkalis
  • Fire and sink points
  • liquid silicone